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As a kid, I feverishly opened packs with the anxiety of hoping to score one of my favorite players, one of my favorite team's players, and/or cards that I needed to fill a set.   Sometimes I didn't even look at the player's face as I hurriedly rifled through the new pack of cards.  It was only years later that I came to appreciate my cards in a different way as I stepped through them, looking at them in more detail, both fronts and backs.  Once I began taking the time to do this, I started experiencing yet another type of enjoyment that is available from this great hobby.  One of the more enjoyable areas for me was noticing the "looks" of the players.  From wild and crazy hair to huge glasses, these baseball cards are filled with a trip down memory lane.  It is like looking back at my own ill-advised fashion choices that are captured forever within our family photo albums.  And not only fashion, these cards are also filled with players who inherited some unusual physical features and who were just not blessed with Clark Gable good looks. I invite you to have fun looking through some of my favorite baseball cards that exemplify the wide range of looks throughout baseball history.

1985 Complete Set
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